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    On Saturday July 29th, at our Sweet Corn for Cancer Fundraiser we raised $5000.00 for the Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton Ontario, through our sweet corn and Shaw family farm bean sales, along with raffles generously donated by so many amazing local businesses. This fundraiser was very near and dear to our hearts, in honour of our Mikey. We would like to give a huge thank you to the Burtch Hillbillies for putting on a fantastic show for us, and to all who came out and supported even in the pouring rain. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!!!

  • Sweet Corn For Cancer 2023

    Chary Picker Country Market and Chary Produce want to invite you to our 2023 Sweet Corn For Cancer event happening on Saturday July 29, 2023 from 10am-6pm. All proceeds from our sweetcorn sales will go directly to the Juravinski Cancer Centre, and proceeds will be matched with a donation from Chary Produce. There will be live music from the Burtch Hillbilly, special treats and a chance to win some Chary Picker swag! the Juravinski Cancer Centre is a place very near and dear to our hearts, and this fundraiser is so important to our family. You don't want to miss this awesome event, we hope to see you there! Time: 10am-6pm Date: Saturday July 29, 2023 Address: 18 King St. S. Oakland Ontario, N0E 1R0 * Please remember to follow detour signs due to road closure construction *

  • What it Takes...

    This was written as a follow up to a survey I participated in. As part of that survey, I was asked a question “just what does it take to get food to your table?” That question really made me think, and this is my response. It’s perhaps a metaphor for life in general, but this is written from the perspective of a farmer. So, what does it take to get food to your table? It takes patience. Patience to wait for winter to end; that “almost spring” time seems to take forever. You’re so looking forward to seeing the first signs of things coming back to life: the first hint of green, that first perennial poking up through the ground, the fresh spring smell in the air, the spring birds returning. It takes patience. Patience to wait for the right time to plant; waiting for the sometimes heavy spring rains to end so you can get into the field, but being glad that you’re getting rain. It takes patience. You watch things grow. You anticipate the first blossoms, the first fruit, and then the first ripe fruit; and you hope you get the rain when you need it! It takes patience. You get your first orders, and you hope you have enough supply to fill them. Or…you get the first orders and you’ve got too much crop and you need to breathe and figure out where to sell it. It takes patience as you go through the harvest season with your crew of loyal, dedicated employees that you’ve worked with for years. You go through the long days and sometimes nights; you’re all tired and at times feel like robots on autopilot. But… a strong team gets you through it. Ours is a family business, yet the entire crew feels like family. As family working together, you need the patience to get through the days when things get a little tiring and stressful, and perhaps your temper is a little shorter with family than it would be otherwise. It takes patience to keep working through the holiday weekends when everyone else is heading to the cottage and you get to make sure the grocery stores are full! It takes patience to handle feedback from customers who think you can do better, and they point this out to you in a way that can be a little unkind. You try to remember that everyone has different ways of dealing with things, and you’re very grateful to the people who take the time to tell you how much they enjoyed your fruits and vegetables. It takes patience to realize that you can’t know it all or do it all. Remember how many hats you must wear in a day! It takes patience to be kind to yourself. Remember, above all, that you’re blessed to work in a job that you love, to work with your family and your employees who become like family. Remember to stop (or at least slow down) and look at the beauty in the fields, the sky, and the people that surround you. by Miriam Chary Worley June 2023

  • Chary Picker Country Market Closing Oct. 9 2022

    After a wonderful summer, Chary Picker Country Market will be closing for the season on October 9, 2022. A big thank you to everyone who continually supports local produce and farmers; we see you, and we appreciate you. Come pick up your fall decorations and fresh produce up until Thanksgiving weekend!

  • Cloud Appreciation Day! September 16, 2022

    Any cloud lovers out there? September 16 is Cloud Appreciation Day – put on by the Cloud Appreciation Society. The Society is a worldwide group, all of who share an appreciation for the beauty found in clouds. This isn’t quite farming, but the sky plays a big part in our business. We’re always checking the sky and the weather forecast. Over the years I’ve developed a real appreciation for the beauty found in clouds – they can be majestic, menacing, or playful,– and they can change in a hurry! Some people say don’t forget to smell the roses, but I say, next time you have a minute, stop and appreciate the sky that surrounds us.

  • Opening Friday June 9 for the Season !!!

    Chary Picker Country Market will be opening Friday June 9 for the 2023 season! we will be open 10 am -6pm daily 7 days a week. come in to our farm gate market to enjoy everything fresh and local !


    Chary Picker Country Market is excited to welcome you back on Friday, June 3rd for the 2022 season! We will be open 10am-6pm every day, with lots of fresh local produce... and don't forget our Chary berries! See you on opening day!!

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